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Hydroaxys Sdn. Bhd. (HYDROAXYS) is a wholly-owned Malaysian company actively engaged in the distribution of hydrological and environmental monitoring solutions in Malaysia.

Incorporated in 2005, HYDROAXYS has since grown to provide a broader scope services such as supplying end-to-end solutions, system integration services, technical/field services, as well as innovating pilot research projects and baseline studies for numerous sectors. Some of these sectors include: Irrigation, Environmental, Industrial, Oil and Gas and Natural Resource Management.


HYDROAXYS has a wide product range, plentiful in features and flexibility. Our products can be designed to deliver solutions for most environmental monitoring and industrial measurement requirements. HYDROAXYS and its partners pride themselves on finding solutions to their customers’ requirements and so they are always pleased to discuss specific requirements and how our products can meet them.


A large part of the company’s success was attributed from its key expertise areas. Our technical team is led by a group of experience, field savvy and competent personnel. Hence, our hands-on experiences and knowledge give us the extra edge in designing field studies and the optimal selection of tools.


HYDROAXYS business philosophy is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and confident with the operation and reliability aspects of our products/services. It is our commitment to ensure full technical support is provided and the minimization of the downtime during the warranty and over-warranty period.

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