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Fully Automated Evaporation Pan System

hydroEVAP drawing


hydroEVAP™ Fully Automated Evaporation Pan System operates an evaporation pan and records evaporation and rainfall data. The instrument is normally supplied as a complete packages with a Class A evaporation pan and all installation fittings. 

It is designed to operate for long periods without maintenance. The water level control system is solar powered. The water supply to refill the evaporation pan is provided by the user from a tank or a reticulated water supply pipe. Rainfall removed from the pan can be recycled if required.
The optional RTU included with the unit is fully programmable. These include event and time interval recording, programmable measurement and recording intervals, signal processing such as average, max, min and computations including flow conversions and rating tables.

A water temperature sensor and a range of weather sensors can be added to identify the relationship between pan evaporation and site conditions. These are required for evaporation and Evapo-transpiration studies and modeling.

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