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Level TROLL 400 Data Logger


The Level TROLL 400 measures and logs water level, water pressure, and temperature in a maintenance-free system ideal for long-term monitoring at flood-prone or high humidity sites. Durable titanium construction guarantees long-lasting performance in fresh or saline groundwater and surface-water environments. Available in non-vented (absolute) pressure ranges up to 1120 ft (341 m). Integrate with telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services for real-time feedback on all of your water monitoring sites.


  • Sub-1 inch diameter for easy fit

  • Non-vented (absolute) pressure ranges up to 1120 ft (341 m)

  • Fully sealed, all titanium construction and sensors

  • Flexible communication protocols (4-20 mA, SDI-12, RS-485)

  • Direct-read or periodic data download capable

  • NIST calibration report

  • Rugged twist-lock cable sold separately


  • Zero maintenance – No desiccant required.

  • Convenient real-time data – Open communication protocols integrate easily with existing telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services, SCADA, or data logger/sampling system.

  • Protect your data and your equipment – Solid titanium construction outlasts specially coated data loggers, even in harsh environments.

  • Reliable data – Advanced accuracy and precision provide high quality results you can trust.

  • Streamline data collection and analysis – Powerful software with special logging modes automates water level corrections, post-processing, report generation and data export.

  • Reduce field time – Low-power loggers last 10+ years.

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