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Level TROLL 700 Data Logger


The Level TROLL 700 is In-Situ’s premier water level data logger, giving groundwater professionals higher data resolution, expanded memory and advanced logging modes for specialized applications. Designed specifically for aquifer characterization, the Level TROLL 700 provides continuous monitoring of water level, water pressure, and temperature. Titanium construction means long-lasting performance in fresh, saline and even contaminated environments, with low-power batteries that last 10 years or more.

Available in pressure ranges up to 1153 ft (351 m) for vented configurations and 2274 ft (693 m) for non-vented configurations. Get real-time data via direct-read RuggedCable, or download data periodically. Integrate with telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services for real-time feedback on all of your water monitoring sites.


  • Sub-1 inch diameter (0.72 in; 1.83 cm)

  • Vented (gauged) or non-vented (absolute) pressure measurement

  • Automatic atmospheric compensation (vented models only)

  • Fully sealed, all titanium construction and sensors

  • 4.0 MB memory holds 260,000 data points

  • Advanced logging modes

  • NIST calibration report

  • Rugged Twist-lock cable (sold separately)


  • Ideal for specialized applications – Data logger provides highest possible accuracy, precision, and reliability.

  • Reduce field time – Powerful, user-friendly software with special logging modes means faster data collection, and low-power batteries last 10+ years.

  • Protect data and equipment – Durable titanium construction withstands even harsh environments.

  • Simplify project setup and control – Open communications protocols easily integrate with existing telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services, plus get 24/7 data and automatic event alerts.

  • Streamline data analysis – Win-Situ Software automates water level corrections, post-processing, report generation and data export.

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