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Amazon Bubbler

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The WaterLOG® Amazon is a smart gas purge system built with communication and ease of setup in mind. The Amazon Bubbler Systems rugged design was developed for hydrologists and water professionals to provide long-term accurate and repeatable readings. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or sensor with a full suite of communication protocols including SDI-12, MODBUS via RS-485 or TCP, and 4-20mA. The Amazon requires no special software and is easily configured with an optional display and or web browser GUI. WaterLOG's team of professionals have been providing bubbler support for over 20 years.

Stand Alone System
The Amazon can be used as a sensor connected to other recorder devises; data logger, PLC, RTU, etc. However, at a substantial cost savings, it can also be used as a stand-alone device, eliminating the need of an external recording device. Data values recorded by the Amazon can be copied directly to a USB Flash Drive and imported to the PC.

Browser Based Software
The Amazon's initiative, easy to use software is browser based, which eliminates the need for proprietary software being installed on the PC. Access the Amazon software from any internet device that has Wi-Fi or USB connection functionality.

Key Pad Display
As an optional interface, the Amazon uses a Sharp® Memory LCD display. This provides the convenience of continuous display of data with the cost savings of low power usage. The display is provided as an option to the Amazon. For applications where an external display is not required, the Amazon can be purchased without the display.

Multiple communication options are available to insure that the Amazon can interface with any data logger, PLC, or RTU. These options include; SDI-12, MODBUS (over IP or RS-485), and 4 to 20 mA. Via the Ethernet port, the Amazon can push data over the internet directly to Storm Central, our data hosting solution. *Cell modem currently under development.

Measurement Range
Three range options are available to provide the highest measurement accuracy. With an industry leading accuracy of 0.02% of Full Scale; the 0 to 10 m range provides an accuracy of ±2 mm, the 0 to 20 m range has an accuracy of ±4.25 mm, and the 0 to 35 m range has an accuracy of ±7 mm.

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